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The Cartoon Sepidar Group, based on the experience of its management and operational staff for several years, has put the “higher quality” and “speed of action” into the policy line, and according to our own heartbeat and the performance of previous years, emphasizing the quality and price of the products, we Has become one of the most valuable business partners of our customers in different classes.

Sepidar Carton Group

A) Food industry

  • Happy ice cream company
  • Bahar Fall Food Co. (Himalik)
  • Achachi Co.
  • Hani Food Industry Co., a manufacturer of canned food and prepared foods
  • Varamin Cultivation and Industry Co., Ltd. Producer of canned food
  • Chocolate Mortar Company
  • Pardis Fajr Company, Dairy Producer Company
  • Vinegar officinalis
  • Aging Process Fish Processing Company

B) Gates and appliances

  • Household Appliance Manufacturer
  • Teflon Mahan Co.
  • Parsan Building Valves
  • Residential, manufacturer of sanitary ware
  • Razan Gates

C) Other

  • Mahan Department of Education
  • Shoe Breeze Shahr Shoe Shoe & Slippers manufacturer
  • Happy chemistry company, manufacturer of consumer detergent products
  • Abbas Abad factories
  • Pertronics Co., a manufacturer of pesticides and household insecticides
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چاپ و بسته بندی
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محل دائمی نمایشگاه های بین المللی تهران
زمان بازدید
۱۰ الی ۱۷
سینی آبمیوه و بستنی از محصولات پرفروش شرکت سپیدار کارتن می باشد که به تازگی به محصولات شرکت اضافه گردیده است
سینی آبمیوه و بستنی از محصولات پرفروش شرکت سپیدار کارتن می باشد که به تازگی اضافه شده است